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Dubai- the city of gold, lands the golden opportunity for its upcoming investors via StartBiz in setting up their business in its world-famous business crossroads in the space of a single generation of entrepreneurs.

Your gateway to beyond trust journey starts here with Startbiz Global, your growth our success. StartBiz Global is an organization that takes the entire responsibility for the growth of its investors in the most captive market hub of the planet- Dubai.

Make the smart choice and leave the rest assured to us. Trust us with your journey in the entrepreneurial world of UAE. Startbiz assists your way through by covering all the legal aspects as well. Hence making your work way easier on all levels and on each and every step, from the very beginning of your entrepreneurial journey.

Our Benefit

Perks of Setting Up
Your Business With Us

Success doesn’t wait for anyone, so what are you waiting for? Make use of our organization to the utmost from stepping into the booming marketplace of UAE to ruling it along with n number of perks from the very beginning of your entrepreneur journey with us.


Startbiz Global is from where you'll start your business and end up getting everything done in no time.

Reliable Team

If you are looking for resilience and reliability, take the back seat of the car and let us drive you through your journey.

Professional Guidance

Startbiz works on the principle of professionalism and perfectionism which is attained by our Business setup guidance throughout your journey.

24/7 Support

Startbiz believes in facilitating 24/7 and 365 days beyond trust services to its entrepreneurs. As entrepreneurs are the ones who makes startbiz what it is hence giving them the utmost priority and support thoroughly.

Best Service,
Affordable Cost

Cost at no cost is the saying which Startbiz lives by, which shows its efficiency in providing the best of its services to its upcoming entrepreneurs.

Convenient & Easy Payment Methods

Convenience is the other synonym for Startbiz Global and if you are looking for various convenient payment methods like Payment Links, Bank Transfers, Cheques and our very latest Crypto Currency worry no more.

Hotel Hill View Loha Mandi
Hotel Hill View Loha Mandi
"I had the pleasure of working with a business consultant from Startbiz Global Consulting and I must say, they exceeded all of my expectations. Their level of professionalism, expertise, and attention to detail is simply outstanding. They truly care about their clients' success and go above and beyond to ensure that they achieve their goals."
Hotel Mansarovar Palace
Hotel Mansarovar Palace
I cannot thank the team at Starbiz Global Consulting enough for their exceptional services. They helped me develop a comprehensive business plan, provided me with valuable insights and advice, and were always available to answer my questions and provide guidance. Thank you, Starbiz Global Consulting!"
Hashtag Wave
Hashtag Wave
We were in talks with the General Manager for 2 weeks in relation to setup a company and the day I landed in the UAE due to some issues I wasn't allowed to cross the airport immigration, as a first time Traveller to UAE I had no friends here so called him at 3:00 A.M. Fortunately, General Manager picked up my phone and arrived at the airport within 20 minutes, solved the immigration issue, stayed there till 5 in the morning and dropped me home. The service was impeccable.
P&B corporate gift
P&B corporate gift
Approached multiple business Set-up companies, fortunately was able to meet the Startbiz Global Team. Their hospitality and professionalism is unique, will surely recommend to choose them.
Mr. Bharat helped our friend to setup new business in UAE , even help my friend in opening the company bank account as well helping to get their UAE residency VISA as well , they handle every situation very smoothly and also Mr. Bharat is available every time whether it is day or night and treat their client very nicely If you are looking for setup a new business in UAE then you can contact Mr. Bharat because he is the person will notify you each and every thing and he will finish the work very smoothly.
Kp Gaming
Kp Gaming
Started an online gaming business in the UAE with support of Startbiz Global, it’s amazing the way they treat clients. Excellent job Team Startbiz.


What Our Clients
Are Saying

A few of my friends who started their businesses without StartBiz have struggled throughout trying to get their documents and everything in line however I have not faced a single difficulty using the help of StartBiz which made the process a whole lot simpler.


The support I have received from StartBiz made me feel at ease which is usually a very time-consuming and hectic process, without having to worry about a single thing is the best part of the experience.


Remarkable service provided by StartBiz Global, the company was recommended by a dear friend of mine and I am quite happy with their professionalism and the way they treat their clients. Cheers!


UAE has tons of business setup consultants and to be honest we did approach many of them, but there was something different with StartBiz Global, and I do not regret choosing this company over any other. Great work guys!

Prabh Singh

about the market

why uae?

Your Benefits & Beyond Trust Journey Comes Handy With Us.

In today’s world keeping up with the inflation that too in the market epicenter of the world; Dubai/UAE, StartBiz facilitates its investors all the advantages in setting up Business in Dubai.

Following are the offers that StartBiz provides that none of our investors can refuse to start with minimal to no tax services, proper business setup in the appropriate jurisdiction, auditing, VAT registration, banking solutions, golden visa, PRO services, access to both virtual and physical office for our investors and various other legal obligations too which are to be kept in mind while setting up your business anywhere in the world.

In Dubai on the other hand it’s gonna be way too easy with Startbiz Global at your service as it makes sure that none of our investors infringes any of your rights. Therefore, backing you up fully in the legal aspect as well.

why we exist

our vision

Your mission is our vision, is the perfect saying that fits when anyone speaks of StartBiz, yes you heard it right, from coming up with services A to Z for setting up business in the market hub- Dubai/UAE, StartBiz tops the list of satisfying our investors by providing ample of facilities and benefits for joining with us and hence creating your own beyond trust journey with us. Bonus benefits add up here when all this is safeguarded by the legal provisions of your very own StartBiz Global.

Your ambition

our mission

Your business journey is our mission, from setting up your business in the market hotspot, UAE to taking your business to heights we provide the best of services and assistance to our clientele, that’s where our number one motivation and mission lies. From networking to building a reputation in the alluring UAE marketplace, Startbiz takes its clientele to heights in all aspects of sustainable advantage throughout the journey. So worry no more and start your beyond-trust journey with us.

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