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Getting started in the UAE can be easier with StartBiz Global's business banking services. If you're looking for assistance with opening a business bank account or getting a bank guarantee, we're here to help!

UAE Bank Account

Throughout the world, UAE has established itself as a major financial and business hub. UAE banks provide many benefits to businesses, including: · Complete repatriation of business funds and earnings · Constant exchange rate · Instruments of international commerce · Fast transfers to any location in the world within 1-2 days · Debit cards · Efficient Online banking

If you intend to conduct business in the UAE using your bank account, you must register a business bank account. A personal account is not permitted in the UAE for business purposes, so you need to open a bsuiness bank account, also known as corporate account. Typically, corporate accounts are current accounts. This allows them to handle a large number of transactions.

It is among the most popular categories. Dubai bank accounts are available to the following sorts of UAE businesses: · UAE offshore companies · UAE Free Zone companies - the most demanded type of business setup · Mainland businesses

Depending on the type of firm, there are several time frames for opening UAE business bank accounts. It may vary from two weeks to two months. Business bank accounts are typically granted to mainland businesses and free zones in Dubai first.

Offshore Bank Account

Since the UAE is a sanctuary for foreigners, it offers offshore banks from countries all over the world. This is especially true in Dubai, where many foreign nationals prefer to reside and work. Anyone in the United Arab Emirates with a valid residency visa is able to open an offshore account and utilise it to import and export funds. It is regarded as a safe, dependable, and steady method of transporting money, and typically has cheaper taxes than other banking methods. In recent years, the banking industry has become more sophisticated.

Nowadays, opening an offshore bank account is fairly challenging. New compliance and due diligence requirements, record-keeping requirements, and risk mitigation guidelines were imposed by banks everywhere in the world. Corporate banking has grown to be very difficult. Exists a way out? Most definitely. The solutions will exist as long as there is international trade and a need for offshore bank accounts.

Many overseas businesses are eager to create an offshore bank account in UAE. Majority of banks in the UAE offer convenient services for doing business abroad, including no restrictions on money repatriation, online banking, and a stable exchange rate between local and US dollars. However, we advise starting a UAE business if you wish to open an offshore bank account in the UAE. Business setup in the UAE is the finest approach to go about it. In this instance, opening a bank account will be simpler, quicker, and less expensive.


UAE Golden Visa

To take advantage of the city of dreams and golden opportunity at the fullest the goverment provides you with Golden visa facility. With golden visa facility enjoy a decade full of ample business opportunities, luxurious and extravagant life style in the golden city of dreams and opportunities. Give your business establishment a golden chance.

The distinctive Golden Visa programme of the United Arab Emirates grants qualified individuals’ residencey with a 10-year visa, in contrast to many other foreign visa systems. It also comes with a number of desirable benefits that most customary resident visa schemes do not provide.

Now is the time to move forward and start investigating the possibility of receiving a UAE Golden Visa. Contact one of our Dubai-based specialists on company formation. We'll demonstrate how simple it may be to use our Startbiz Global approach to get a Golden Visa and start a business in the UAE.

Benefits of a
UAE Golden Visa

  • A local sponsor is not necessary
  • You can own your company outright
  • You Can Add Other People to Your Visa
  • Unrestricted travel to and from the UAE


Virtual Office

The law in UAE prohibits businesses from using their home address as a marketing office. Consequently, marketing materials such as websites and business cards cannot include the home address.

Our virtual office packages at StartBiz Global are tailored to meet the needs of your organization. We provide high-quality services to help you handle your business needs without requiring you to incur unnecessary costs. As a virtual office assistant manages their business communications and many other secretarial tasks, business owners can work from home or another remote location.

For more information about how a virtual office address can help your business, contact StartBiz Global today.


VAT & Corporate Tax Consultation

UAE implemented VAT in 2018. The way local businesses operate has altered as a result of this indirect tax. To ensure correct accounting and VAT reporting, several of them are engaging VAT consultants in the UAE. Even though the majority of UAE authorities do not mandate the submission of auditing reports on financial records, it is now recommended that every business perform accounting. Maintaining the books is crucial for your company's records. Planning future purchases is made easier when you have a clear picture of your income and expenses.


VAT liability may apply to all UAE onshore businesses. Even if you register your business in a UAE free zone, that does not imply you are exempt from paying VAT. Only UAE offshore businesses—JAFZA offshore or RAK offshore—are exempt from paying VAT because they aren't permitted to operate locally in the UAE.

Regarding VAT filing, your business should register with the Federal Tax Authority if it conducts business in the UAE and its local turnover reaches 375,000 AED (FTA). Any business must submit reports and pay VAT on a quarterly basis per FTA regulations. UAE VAT is 5%. Don't forget to add 5% to every invoice if your business is made VAT-liable. Therefore, the most simplified way to pay your VAT is by opening bank account in Dubai.

Now talking about the newly amended corporate tax, a 9% corporation tax on enterprises was recently announced by the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and will go into effect in June 2023. The country's previous tax status has been changed by the corporation tax, which was first implemented in 2018 as a 5% value added tax (VAT).


PRO Services

Our extensive line of PRO services is intended to help experts, business owners, and SMEs across all sectors. Even if your original licence was not given via Startbiz Global, we can help you with any PRO services you need, from resident visas and Emirates IDs to attestation and translation services.

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